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What is the detail of ECG full form?

Full Form of ECG Test in Hindi | What is the detail of ECG full form?

Full form of ECG in Hindi: Friends, in today’s blog, we are going to tell you what is the full form of ECG, what is the information related to ECG, then you will read this block completely, only then you will be able to know what is the full form of ECG. What is and what is the function of EGC? People know it by its short name but do not know its full name. So today we are going to tell you the full name of ECG. ecg test in hindi

Before knowing the full form of ECG Test, it is important to know some questions which you can ask anywhere or get information related to it.

full form of ECG in Hindi

  • E-Electro
  • C-cardio
  • G-gram

Full form of ECG

Friends, the full form of Ek is electrocardiogram in which it is detected that the electrical device is used to get the correct information by drawing the outline of the heart’s movement.

Why is ECG test being done?

  • Through ECG test, the doctor wants to know about the electrical activities of the patient’s heart.
  • Through this test, information is obtained about the sector 7 of the medicines that control the heart rate of the patient and what effect the medicines have on the patient.
  • If the patient has pain in the heart, then through a test it is detected as a symptom of heart attack.
  • Through ECG test, it is also ascertained whether there is any effect on the heart muscles so that the condition of the patient improves.
  • In ECG test, the values ​​of the heart are detected so that there is no problem of any kind.

For further information, consult a doctor if you are facing any kind of problem.

How Many Test Of Egc Test ? 

  • Resting ECG
  • ambulatory ECG
  • stress of exercise ECG

Resting ECG

In ECG test, you are made to lie down on the bed in a comfortable position, after which the resting ECG test is done.

Ambulatory ECG

In ECG test, a small machine is put on the patient’s waist in which the patient goes to his home and takes small measurements which helps in monitoring the heart, which is called ambulatory ECG.

Stress of exercise ECG

In ECG test, many types of heart related diseases of the patients are detected due to which ECG test is done.

Why is ECG test done?

Friends, getting ECG test done means only one thing.

Determining the thickness of heart rate orbits
About the symptoms of heart enlargement or sky heart rate. About the symptoms of heart enlargement.
Cholesterol accumulation causing heart pain
ECG test is done to detect diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Benefits of doing ECG test

There are many benefits of getting ECG test done in which it is found out what is the heart rate. In ECG test, various types of problems related to the heart are detected to accurately determine the electrical access of the heart.

Here you have been given all the information about ECG test, although this post was about what is the full form of ECG test, what is the full form of ECG test in Hindi, all this information has been given to you, although it is about this. You can make a short note that what is the function of ECG test, what are the advantages and disadvantages of ECG test, all this information has also been given, then share this post among your friends also.

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