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Lions vs. Chiefs odds Travis Kelce injury shifts

On the off chance that you thought last end of the week was a remarkable opportunity to be a football bettor – and it was – stand by till you check out this end of the week.

Lions vs. Chiefs odds Travis Kelce injury shifts

In addition to the fact that week are 2 school football chances on the board, including enormous conflicts highlighting Texas-Alabama and Nebraska versus Colorado, however the NFL is likewise back.

What’s more, truly, regardless of how great school football is, the NFL drives America’s games wagering transport.

We should start off the current week’s NFL and school football wagering chunks with the initial round of the NFL season.

Boss Concern

Tuesday exposed an unsettling matter for potential Kansas City Bosses sponsor. Star tight end Travis Kelce has a sprained knee and is problematic for the large Thursday Night Football opener against the meeting Detroit Lions.

Before the recent news emerged, most sportsbooks had positioned the defending Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs, as favorites with a spread of 6.5/7 points. However, following the update on Kelce’s injury, the line has shifted, now standing at -4.5.

Chris Fargis, the senior director of trading risk for Fanatics Sportsbook, noted, “Everyone is keeping a close eye on the Kelce injury. The current line suggests a higher likelihood of him playing rather than not.”

As of Wednesday night, bettors favoring the Chiefs appear undeterred by the news, especially when it comes to the moneyline, where the odds stand at Chiefs -225 and Lions +185.

Fargis revealed, “Customers are heavily backing the Chiefs on the moneyline. Chiefs bets are outnumbering Lions bets by approximately six times. Many weekend parlays are kicking off with Chiefs moneyline bets on Thursday. The sportsbook is definitely rooting for the Lions in this scenario.”

Considering the prevalence of moneyline bets, both in straight bets and parlays, it seems that oddsmakers may require more than just the Lions covering the 4.5-point spread to balance their books. Many sportsbooks, including Fanatics, will be hoping for a Detroit upset to mitigate potential losses.

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